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  1. Signature-based detection: This is most common in traditional antivirus software that checks all the .EXE files and endorses it with the identified list of viruses and other kinds of malware, or it checks if the unidentified executable files displays any misbehavior as a sign of unknown viruses. Files, programs and applications are essentially scanned when they would be in use. Once an executable file is downloaded. It is scanned for any malware promptly. In addition, antivirus software can be used without the background on access scanning, but it is continuously sagacious to use on access scanning because it is complex to delete malware once it infects your system.
  2. Heuristic-based detection: This type of detection is most commonly used in mixture with signature-based detection. This technology is organized in most of the antivirus programs. This assists the antivirus software to perceive new or a variant or an altered version of malware, even in the absence of the newest virus definitions. Antivirus programs make use of heuristics, by running prone programs/ applications with doubtful code on it, within a runtime virtual environment. This saves the susceptible code from infecting the real world environment.
  3. Behavioral-based detection: This type of detection is used in Intrusion Detection mechanism. This distillates more in noticing characteristics of malware during execution. This mechanism notices malware only while the malware executes malware actions.
  4. Sandbox detection: It performs most likely to that of behavioral based detection method. It does any applications in the virtual environment to track what kind of actions it performs. Corroborating actions of the program that are noted in, the antivirus software can recognize if the program is malevolent or not.

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