Do you want to schedule restart as well as registry scan?

Reg Tuner is ready to fix registry errors and scheduled task performance.

Free download and Install Best PC Utility Software

Do you want scheduled restart as well as registry scan?
It must be so nice morning every day if you are getting your personal computer ready to work like fresh because reg tuner is the PC utility software and  once you download and install the full version of it then you get to find your PC is working too fast without any registry errors as well as shut down difficulties.

Configure  Scheduled Task Shutdown

Do you want scheduled restart as well as registry scan?

Whether you are late night working employee or usually forget to shut down PC then do not need to worry at all. Sometimes it is also depending on your technical or non-technical work either you want to put your work on the basis of scheduled task shutdown. Finally, by the means of scheduled task shut down, you can save your time and electricity bill. You can easily configure auto restart and windows registry scan settings of Reg Tuner software.


Schedule the task at any time

Do you want scheduled restart as well as registry scan?

Reg tuner software is not only best compatible with Windows operating system but also user centric for optimized PC performance. Task schedule shutdown is independent of timing or geographical location. You can completely access the full functionality of reg tuner. Once you set scheduled task shutdown. Your active task is going to end so meanwhile, a user can further change configuration settings.

It is also true most of the PC users are having individual PC utility software whether it is scheduled task shutdown or disk cleaner/registry cleaner. Here we are recommending single software with multiple roles.
We would like to introduce another Aboriginal feature of Reg Tuner.

Do you want scheduled restart as well as registry scan?

User defined interface

At SloxSoft, our software design and development team strictly confined towards user’s perspective  PC utility software. Conclusively, reg tuner is having simply the best UI without any popups, no complicated options or dialog boxes. Single click to action button offers a more valuable connection between user and software at any point of functionality.
Fix Windows Registry Issues- Download Now!

Millions of active users are existing all around the world and putting their valuable feedback and ratings on G+ . Periodic updating of reg tuner in order to match the PC user’s expectations.  That’s the result of which reg tuner 2.5 version incorporated with a unique feature of “My Location”. This unique feature allow users to track their PC so directly we can say this feature having anti-theft property. Once the user download and install reg tuner; activates all functionality including my location then users did not need to worry at all about their PC.  follow our previous blogs for how to free up disk space, speed fix tool.

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