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  1. Remove the trash from disks: Over time, your computer has amassed many valueless files that block your hard disks. Disk Tuner available at Slox Software allows you run a detailed full scan of the system to identify and delete this junk, including temporary files and empty folders. Also, you can run a quick scan using this PC utility. So to safeguard beginners from accidental data loss, this PC utility has been empowered to remove junks of files from your PCs run faster and error-free.
  2. Uninstall applications for more space: Some of the disk-filling junk appears as a result of the applications you no longer utilize. They just start disk space sitting there never to be used again. “Uninstall software” at Disk Tuner lets you to delete best of a long-gone program left in the list of installed applications. This kind of service relies on the vendor’s own uninstall routine to uninstall applications and exactly deletes registry entries and connected support files.
  3. Put computer on a cookie-free diet: Most websites use cookies to gather facts about its visitors. A cookie seems as a “sequential figure” that a website imagines your PC and uses to learn about your online browsing routines where you went and what you made sure. The best defense line against cookies is Cookies Manager. It allows you assess all the cookies put on your computer, remove annoying cookies and leave those you really require.

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