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  • The chief obvious step is to preserve firewall protection always ‘ON’. If you do some precise work like setting up software or troubleshooting, you may momentarily disable your firewall.
  • You should guard the firewall from attack. This is known as the stealth rule. This does not let communication flow between your firewall and illicit sources.
  • Updating to the newest OS software version for your firewall is a requisite.
  • Keep the rule base simple. When a packet grasps the firewall it checks against rule base. So it is greatest to set the most accessed rule at the top so that the firewall need not match against all rules in the rule base. This would in turn decrease the load on your firewall.
  • Deny and deny. This is a rule that falls handy when you are in uncertainty about faithfulness of the request. You can continuously let the blocked connection later when desirable.
  • If you work deeply on VPN, then AES 128 should be chosen. Although AES 192 and AES 256 bits are accessible, it may place unwarranted load on your firewall’s performance.
  • Impart the practice of testing and checking your firewall for susceptibilities. This will assist you inform your firewall protection when necessary.
  • Recite the manufacturer’s instruction booklet before you try to execute any of the above.

With these simple steps, your firewall should offer your computer the best protection and security it means to.

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