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  1. Re-set Modem: Just re-setting your modem, and if you are making use of a router, re-starting the router can execute worlds of good to improve your internet speed. You never see how good a speed you can achieve by just doing a reboot.
  2. Clean up Cached Files:Clean up all texcessive cached web contents that may have something to do with slowing down your internet connection.
  3. Stop Sharing: Speed of your internet connection could get slow if you share it with other devices like Tablet, Smartphone, etc. One of this can be using your connection instantaneously and making an impact.
  4. Bad Cookies:Internet performance could be hindered due to the cookies that are kept in your computer while you browse the internet. Some cookies can also make your browser freeze all of a sudden. Delete individual cookies or all of them together. This should be executed on a regular basis.
  5. Freeing Bandwidth:This can be attained by freeing some bandwidth that is being used by your OS itself. That you never probably even thought about.

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