Shutdown Scheduler fixed computer shutdown or automatic restart errors

Now you must make sure your computer with system utility software

It is mostly happening with computer systems those have been spent few months after executing number of functionality for your respective projects and working trend. Later on your personal computer is facing the several pop-ups and other technical errors including random shutdown or restarts that time you did not find any of the solution for these problems. whenever you were doing your imperative work then suddenly computer goes shutdown without any intimation then such repeated error will definitely annoying you why this is happening and rest of the time you would likely to be struggling to rectify these unnecessary auto shutdown issues.  

It has been noticed that when computer is not having technical support software (shutdown scheduler) to manage both hardware as well as software then your personal computer at the verge of the maximum vulnerability and open the gate for the virus entry. Hope you guys! Notifying  what we are talking about.

Certain objections responsible for random shutdown


1.Incompatible charger voltage

shutdown scheduler

It is very interesting when you are addicted to play online games or offline games on your laptop and you know laptops are having default settings for significant charging voltage and all but it usually takes time with 90 watts or less watt supply instead of using 100w to 240w power supply. Mostly ushers did not know what’s their laptop love to be charged with official charger. as manufacturer and quality controlled department set all optimum parameters in order to offer best possible power back-up  but once a while you use high voltage charger it harms battery cells and their power restore performance that a solid reason for random shutdown of your laptop.


2. Hardware Failure

shutdown scheduler

This is second strong issue responsible for unknown shutdown of your computer. Depending upon the life span  of system component and also upon originality as well as compatibility. when your computer parts failed or crashed  due to some reason then it create hindrance for other parts to do their job and consecutively result  into random shutdown.


3. Compromised fan or over heating

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Your computer is enough smart to work under ideal circumstances when you overloaded with work and all gonna be done with the help of computer system so accordingly efficiency of system have been compromised in cash of lacking best suitable system utility software under certain activities of gaming, running over sized software and might be operating system also one of the mandatory cause for overheating. We can not ignore compromised performance of computer fan because it is the component that makes system hardware under optimum temperature for outstanding performance.

When your computer is out of guarantee and warrantee period then it is the right time you must take care of all the components such as fan; having dust, hair, and other particles that directly affecting fan’s speed and consequently system would undergo overheating and finally shutdown error occur.    


4.Display Driver Crashed

shutdown scheduler

With improper update of driver files and uninstallation of the system drivers without complete cleaning of the registry files and once your system undergone through the autoupdate then it is very prone situation and one of drivers having remnant files or registry error then it will sure for that particular driver with maximum chances of crashing and similarly when the same thing is happening with display driver then it shutdown computer system countlessly during working hours.


5. Virus and Malware attack

shutdown scheduler

It is now so called for the computer friendly user to make their system spyware, malware and virus definition protected because you had seen many other guys struggling with all these viruses and all malware and their high profile personal computer is continuously undergoing severe damage of all the software as well as hardware.

These viruses are responsible for corrupting operating system files and when you are going to click certain links then virus definition works in order to immediate shutdown and restart so you guys! Must ensure your computer installed with high security antivirus software.  

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