How To Restore Your WordPress Website After An Issue?

“You Do Not Need To Panic When You Receive An Error Message”

Yes..! Once upon a time it had happened with you when you were beginner in the field of Website design and development and it is about to happen certain things when you were working over yours’ WordPress website admin-panel and suddenly found your computer screen turned into blue with some annoying message.

error massage

Finally, you are on right platform in order to know How to restore yours’ WordPress website? You need to follow  5 simple steps.

1.Need to Note one of the cause

First of all you need to recall which one of the recent action has been performed by you that might be including:

  • Installation of new Plugin
  • Updated Plugin 
  • Updated WordPress Theme
  • Installed new theme
  • Edited one of the PHP file etc.

It’s completely depending up on one of the action or couple of action at a time that has to be responsible for your current WordPress Issues.Take it for a grant when once you find the reason for error page or either the issue is not straightforward then depending up on the uncertainty, you need to scrutinize the clause that will let you an idea to tackle the problem.

2. Delete/ Deactivate the Plugin

If it is one of the action you had recently performed then either you need to deactivate the Plugin or connect to your C-Panel (hope you really know about this otherwise contact to support, they will help you) Click over the Plugin directory that is WP-content/Plugins and select the file/folder option of that Plugin and delete it.

In response of deletion of this plugin that will help WordPress to work originally before crashing your website.  

3. Activate the default theme

Next but not the least when plugin deactivation or deletion, not working then you guys ready to delete WordPress current theme directory same as from WP-content/themes. Once the theme is missing then WordPress reset  your website on default theme and at the same time you need to revert the changes by re- upload and reactivate same theme that has been deleted.

4. Re-install default version of WordPress

Supposedly, if the issue was not get rid off then some of the core files of WordPress have been infected then you have to reinstall the default version of WordPress from and extract it then ready to copy and replace each everything via FTP except WP-content directory do not bother yours’ website content. It remains as such.

5.Restore the database of website

Still, if you are struggling with the same issue of “blue screen” then this may be the database error. It’s really matter to you to follow the scheduled database backup because it is the only opportunity to restore your website, none other then it can not be help you to make the website on it’s fully working state.

We would like to recommend you to install and activate the Updraft Plugin that would manage the scheduled backup of your website. Unfortunately if you are not having any of plugin  for backup and all then you need to contact web host and might be, they stored the database on their end and request them to restore on yours’ website.


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