Why Do You Need To Know About Shutdown Scheduler?

Shutdown Scheduler Will help you to Manage:

shutdown scheduler

1.Single click management of all PCs:

Shutdown Scheduler was designed and developed to manage PCs and group of PCs in order to manage timed shutdown, reboot, power on and other operations without any need to manage them separately.


2.Schedule PCs turning On and Off:

Yours’ all routine PCs network management tasks including PCs shutdown at evening and turning them on at morning and some of them remote tasks performed on routinely basis. As per your convenience, need to select preferred operation where you want schedule execution of activity.


3. No need of Expensive Hardware for remote access:

With optimum functionality of Shutdown Scheduler will let you save your money as it readily available to manage the remote access without spending respective money for remote power switches and control hardware. Central management system installed on any PC. apart from this, there is no specific requirement  for remote PC access.


4. Save Energy and help to save Planet:

In order to manage return on investment, corporates spent thousands of dollars each year for saving electricity bill, so here Shutdown Schedule is one of the ultimate software product to handle power saving by turn them Off or idling all PCs accordingly. In this way you would not only able to save electricity bill but also sustain hardware life.


5. Save you from unnecessary investment:

Sometimes, unknowingly companies paid huge amount of money for remote shutdown of PC, all the burden of costs to launch remote management system would likely to be intervene companies revenue. So here we believe to offer you Free Download and Installation of Shutdown Scheduler-SloxSoft LLC.

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