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We (SloxSoft LLC) believe to offer you highly effective as well as efficient system tuneup software. With this visionary approach, we analyse and developed Shutdown Scheduler software for facilitating the corporate as well as personal computing with more advantageous  opportunity in order to save your precious time and money as well. Your personal computer is continuously running to finish the task on timely basis but it’s not easy to handle work force under deadline, as you know the limit of efficiency from human end and similarly machine also having certain level of efficiency till it would be upgraded with the support of both hardware and software. So, you can easily find number of software applications in order to manage timed shutdown, restart, shutdown and pc shutdown. All these expectations would likely under your single click.

You need to know the features of Shutdown Scheduler that incredibly matching your expectations in order to manage sustainable return on investment.

The dashboard of Shutdown Scheduler will readily help you to figure out for which application/features you are expecting. With easy of usability of PC utility software like shutdown scheduler, user can manage different-different aspects as per the requirement of timely task turnoff and additively will get to save consecutive functions such as  


1.schedule for shutdown

Most of the time it is annoying thing to wake up continuously till the work would be finished and then only you are free to turn off your personal computer and  also we have seen in many corporate to manage work force under scheduled shift of employees where they have to control time and simultaneously monitor ongoing task. But certainly it can not be possible to look after official working hours if is taking too much to be done. So best feature of shutdown scheduler to manage work under your absence and as the task is going to complete; computer would be ready to turned off automatically without any human efforts.


This unique features would make you more efficient and prolific towards your work profile and you would be feeling free to do other work at same time or after your working hours.


2.Scheduled for restart

It is most similar to schedule shutdown and user can avail all features one by one. Timely basis restart setting would ready to save time on daily basis when once you arrived your office or might be having timely bound working hours. Professionals can also adopt these practices so this would definitely enhance their efficiency.

3.Schedule for logoff and hibernate

Once you download and install Free! Shutdown Scheduler PC utility software then it would amazed you with quality features and you  will be sure to fix timed shutdown for your classified task. System logoff and hibernate both are quite similar prospects to be operated for short period of time. Where you find your system would be under short idling situation/ period of inactiveness.

Periodically, logoff will help; more than one user on same computer. As the working session or working shift off then system within timely basis logoff one user and ready to available to login for next user so by doing this it prevents system from complete shutdown and save time for next user to restart to login. Depending upon work-shift corporate/personal user can easily manage scheduled logoff-login.

So-called, system hibernate is another advanced features but instead of sleep mode it completely power-off,  and where you are handling respective files/folders and other operations over the computer would likely to be saved in computer hard disk. It is just like to remark your work over period of time. As it offers you same task whenever you power-on respective working computer/laptop. It literally taking some more time as compared to sleep mode . Hibernate mode is readily for laptop to save the battery once you find yourself in scarcity of power supply.

4.Schedule to sleep

Peoples are wondering for best time to sleep the computer and ready to get back to work without losing a single minute. As we already discuss how sleep mode different from hibernate mode. One more strong difference in both features instead of complete power-off,  in sleep mode computer is running over power supply that’s why sleep mode is facilitate us by quick to response feature. That’s why We have seen most of us using sleep mode frequently for both desktop and laptop.  

Comprehensive support and service features such as

1.save electricity bill

Here , we can disclose direct cooperation in  organisations’ revenue. As company spending huge amount of net profit to pay electricity bill and other compliances to reset the business track. IT- organisations completely driving their revenue investing in more efficient computer system those are not only updated with hardware but also having best PC utility software. Here, we are recommending you one of the best timed shutdown scheduler software.

2.Manage system hardware life

With the holistic approach, Scheduling your daily task all cover system peripherals appliances which means you have to take care of system hardware that also cost towards company. As you know company continuously expanding millions of dollar to repair/purchase new computer system and other necessary component to run the system up to mark. On the other hand best compatible system tuneup software imparting major role to boost PC performance, as to synchronise speed, error free performance, sustaining life span of hardware and more interestingly cover users’ expectations to work in effective way. All the above discussed features like scheduled shutdown/logoff/sleep/hibernate/restart/timed shutdown; will ready to help your system hardware life by all in one timely task management.

Sloxsoft LLC is huge brand name in PC Utility software scenario, range of tune-up software like Reg Tuner, Disk Tuner and upcoming Express Recovery Software. Whereas reg tuner is responsible to clean system registry errors/ fix registry issues and repair as well. You can get to know detail information regarding reg tuner and disk tuner; free disk cleaner for all window operating system 7/8/10 from previous blogs. These are all  system tuneup software holistically results to offer us the  best PC performance.


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