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A simple definition of network appears as a series of points that are linked to create communication between computers. They can be linked by network cables or by a wireless signal. Relying on how far these networks range, they are labeled a LAN, MAN, or WAN network.

  1. LAN:Call it a group of computers that share a common connection and are commonly in a small area.
  2. WAN: This is the largest network and can connect networks throughout the world.
  3. MAN: This is known as a larger network that connects computer users in a particular geographic area. For example a big university may come with a network so large that it may be categorized as a MAN.This is far larger than a LAN and smaller than a WAN.

Computer networking was before reserved for a professional setup commonly in a corporate workplace. Nowadays even the normal each day household with a meager two PC’s has most indeed networked them in order to share files and an internet connection. So we will find these computer networking tips a valuable tool.

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