Know Your IP Address Within Fraction of Seconds

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An IP address gets assigned to each computer on an Ethernet network. Like the street address for your home, an IP address recognizes network computers. It assists traffic flow between computers as each one comes with its own IP address.

An IP address is structured as a series of four values separated by periods:

Each value assorts from 0 through 255. Each period is just a period.

For your home/office network, the IP address is most likely apportioned by the router, using something called DHCP. The router saves track of every computer’s NIC and maps an IP address to the NIC every time the computer connects the network. In the end, all computers come with a unique IP address, and the world is innocuous for local networking.

  • The IP address allocated to your PC on a network is a local address. Similar IP addresses are used on the Internet to recognize domains and other resources. Those are Internet IP addresses, separate from your local address.
  • The router is allocated an IP address by your Internet service provider. That IP address is an Internet IP address. It is shared by all PCs on your network.
  • Local IP addresses begin with 168 and 10.0.
  • The IP addresses deliberated here are IPv4 addresses. Because number of unique IP addresses is incomplete, a second standard, IPv6, has been recognized. The IPv6 standard lets for many more addresses, which will assist to accommodate future expansion of the internet.
  • If the router does not assign an IP address, one must be constructed manually.
  • No two computers on the network can come with the same IP address.
  • IP is often prefixed by the acronym TCP. The TCP part signifies Transfer Control Protocol. Technically, TCP denotes to the methods as different to a specific address.

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