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PC maintenance is much spoken about and everyone comes with their views on how to keep their PC’s functioning extended. Yes, I wanted to share the steps I became erudite in computer college “yes, that was a long time ago” as I feel they are guaranteed and have been a blessing for the past a decade. PC’s, laptops and smartphones are a part of our everyday lives, so it is important to use these steps to make sure the longevity of our technology which we cannot live without.

Read on for the steps, you may say some are common knowledge, but it is always good to refresh on this precise subject.

  1. Always make sure your software is efficient.
  2. Run a security program on your PC and ensure it is updated.
  3. Keep a backup of all the information stored on your PC.
  4. Keep a hard drive backup on your OS software or remotely.
  5. Do not let temporary files clog your system.
  6. Let the cache go at even intervals.
  7. Uninstall applications that you do not use.
  8. Clean your registry frequently.
  9. Do not leave it running indolent for hours and days on end, it requires its rest also.

The Most Common Recurrent Issues         

If your computer is much slower than before and smashes more often, this is caused by registry issues that collect over time. Installing and uninstalling programs generates fragments, stray files, orphaned startup tasks and tainted drivers. Over time, the registry gets over massed and conflicts begin taking place more frequently.

If these issues endure unresolved, your system will become progressively unstable and your computer will crash more often and continue to run slowly.

How to fix these issues

Get Reg Tuner. This is highly suggested to use on an even basis. All product tools by Slox Software give a great system optimization suite that scans every part of your Windows system to perceive and repair all issues causing your computer to run slowly, including the system registry. From overly distended registries and fragmented hard disks to deeply rooted Malware infections, Slox Software will take care of it all and much more with just a click.

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