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  1. Hoaxes: Each month numerous hoaxes go around social networks. They inspire people to click on a link in an alluring story. One such hoax that ensnared many was the Facebook “Dislike Button” hoax, which fortified users to set up a “Dislike button”. On the other hand, rather than install this button, it installed malware on the user’s computer and took private information.
  2. Individuality burglary: Social networking sites embolden users to enter and share as much data as thinkable. On the other hand, this data may be uncovered to cyber criminals who can gather the information and use it in a cyber-attack. Equipped with information about you, a cybercriminal is competent to craft an individualized message to tempt you to click on a link and perhaps enter thoughtful information such as bank login data.
  3. Reduced URLS: Twitter, for instance, can reduce URLs in tweets. The danger is that users cannot read the actual destination before clicking on the URL. Shortened URLs are a method used to take unwary users to malevolent sites such as phishing sites, and sites that contain drive-by downloads.
  4. Phishing attacks: Social networking users are a key target for phishing attacks where users are fortified to enter sensitive login details into a fake site.



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