Know Malware: Viruses, Trojans and Worms


  1. Malware: Malware appears as a short for malevolent software. It is an extensive term for a variety of software programs that are used to settle computer functions. Because not all malware was formed similarly, I have assembled a guide to dissimilar types of common malware.
  2. Virus: A computer virus is a malware program that performs like a medical virus. It duplicates and inserts itself into other programs, files and even other computers, without assent. Viruses commonly capture the executable codes for other programs. This signifies that they introduce when you open programs or begin the computer. Viruses are most usually spread by email attachments and Internet downloads, like program updates and pirated files. Sometimes they enter through susceptibilities in web applications. Viruses can be used to steal banking and private information, even money unswervingly from your accounts.
  3. Trojans: Trojans can be used to steal data or money, change or remove files, or to download other malware into a computer. They may be measured by a hacker, and can offer cybercriminals remote access to your computer. This signifies that someone could watch your screen, log your keystrokes to get passwords, or understand your webcam.
  4. Worms: Worms are intended to harm a network, not files, like viruses do. They grow network traffic and consume your Internet bandwidth. Most worms leave the system itself unharmed, but they can comprise a damaging “payload”, or instructional code. A “payload” could tell the worm to harm files, or it could install a backdoor so a hacker could make use of your computer as a botnet to send spam.

So, protect your computer from viruses, Trojans and worms with antivirus available at Slox Software. Regular scans from our antivirus will really delete any active malware infections.

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