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  1. Enter Safe Mode: Make sure that your system is not connected with internet. This assists you to stop the malware from leaky your personal data. If you feel that your computer is infected by a malware, boot your PC in Safe Mode. This is complete to evade any automatic malware entry when you begin Windows. You can stop malware infection onto the system while you are in the safe mode.
    To begin Windows in safe mode, you must first shut down the computer. Do a click on F8 key to the PC to turn on. Press F8 key unceasingly that will assist you reach out to the Advanced Boot Options menu, select Safe Mode with Networking from menu and do Enter. Now that you are in safe mode, your system can run faster. With this, you can ensure that your system is infected with virus.
    2. Remove Temporary Files: When you come in Safe mode, you could run a scan to scan for malware infections. Before you could even begin your scan, you can remove all the temporary files. By executing this, virus scanning can be complete rapidly. This will free some of the disk space.
    3. Use an Antivirus software: The first source of defense appears as the use of an antivirus software. Antivirus assists you scan your system for viruses and remove it once found. Some of the simple features of an antivirus system is that it assists in Background Scanning, gives complete system scans and updates on virus definitions. Antivirus available at Slox Software is one of the best antivirus software for malware removal.

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