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  1. Blank monitors: Blank monitors are fallen among the most common PC issues. Most people who have computers will have coped with non-working blank monitor at least once. The first thing to execute is to check the supply cord and power systems. Occasionally, the video cable may be untied. In this case, push the video cable into place again. If you can gain an access to another monitor, connect it to the CPU and see if it functions. If it does, the problem is in the monitor.
  2. Hard drive is dead: Also know that a dead hard drive is a main hardware issue because it commonly involves substantial expenses. The only possible thing you can execute is to attempt and recover as much data as you may from hard drive. There are particular software available that can execute this. Otherwise, you can also take it to a hard drive recovery expert.
  3. Error when booting: Errors on boot commonly happen during reboots. Some error messages will be transparent but others may be technical. Ensure that all the wires that direct to the computer are correctly pushed in. Sometimes, floppy disks and external hard drives can also cause error. Remove them and attempt to reboot.
  4. Starting Issues: If you are incapable to start your PC, the best thing to re-start the system and pick an existing configuration like Safe Mode. This is the best option to select because it will avail the computer a chance to consider issue as well as to adjust new settings.
  5. Shutdown Issues: It can occur that the computer shuts down unexpectedly or it takes a long time to shut down. If you face these situations, it is best to research the problem intensely. There may be a severe and bigger issue difficult than just the computer is shutting down.

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