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  1. Virus: A virus is a malevolent computer code, once done, infects usual PC software. Whenever infected software is triggered, the virus then tries to imitate and infect more and more applications. Yes, a virus can steal private data and harm to the infected PC. To protect PC from viruses, do not download software from anonymous and untrusted sources. Do not use strange USB drives. And do not open suspicious emails. As a result, use robust antivirus software which scans and identifies these kinds of malevolent threats.
  2. Worms: Computer worms are more hazardous than viruses, as they spread infections across a network. They can accomplish this by sending emails to contacts kept in your contact list. Once your contact opens the email, they also get infected. So, you can keep your PC safe and secure from worms by upgrading your software to eradicate susceptibilities.
  3. Rootkits: This is a collection of computer software intended to hide itself even after it infects your computer, and it lets hackers to upload malware whenever necessary. Rootkits imitate themselves over the Internet and infect PCs that run older operating system versions. Occasionally, a rootkit confers itself together with legitimate software, which deceives users into setting up malware on their computers. To stop a rootkit from infecting you, you do not forget to always inform your operating system and also safeguard that your other software is efficient with the newest patches.
  4. Spyware: This performs accurately what it says: after accessing to your system. It spies on your actions. It sends the information about your activity straight to the Cybercriminal who scored the attack. Spyware can get fixed on your system when you set up free software or other applications. When installing any software, check if there is an alternative to reject the extra software from being installed, and as you have learned previously, be sure to run security software with the newest updates.

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