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A keylogger is a program set up on your PC unbeknownst to you that logs all key strokes typed into your PC which is then observed by a third party. Keyloggers are also skilful to take screen captures. They can be used legitimately by businesses to monitor network usage or parents to see their children’s online activity.

On the other hand, people will make use of keyloggers unkindly to steal your private information, such as website usernames, passwords and credit card information. This is likely because they can log and get your information before you enter an encrypted site.

How do you evade Keyloggers?  

  • Protect your PC with an antivirus or antispyware software that comes with a keylogging component.
  • Make use of a firewall that will avail alerts when a program tries to send data over the web.
  • Frequently check your Task Manager to observe whether there are applications running that you are unacquainted with.
  • Make use of the form-filler function in your web browser so that you do not require to recurrently enter your passwords.
  • Make use of cautiousness when opening email attachments, using P2P file sharing and visiting unacquainted website as keyloggers are often entrenched in Trojans and malware.

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