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  1. Free Disk Space: Keep at least 500 MBs of your C: drive free for Windows to utilize. If you do not have enough free space, you are to choke Windows and it will start dumping data to your hard drive, or it will just catch really slow. Make use of the Add/Remove device in the Windows Control Panel to remove unnecessary programs from your drive.
  2. Uninterruptable Power Supply: We highly endorse that you buy a UPS for your computer. This will keep your PC from crashing during power outages, and will defend your PC from low and high voltage occurrences. A UPS is far greater to a surge protector and will save your PC from almost any type of power disaster.
  3. Computer Power: Never ever turn your PC off with power switch until Windows has shut down. The one exclusion to this rule is when your computer locks up and your hard drive is not running. In this situation, you can turn power off without damaging effects to the hard drive. As cutting the power can also result in mislaid data or Windows files, you should only execute this when you have to. Following this rule will stop perpetual hard drive defects caused by the hard drive heads contacting surface of the drive disc, and it will inhibit a host of Windows problems. Whenever likely, recuperate from crashes by pressing the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys all at once. Press them again to reboot your PC.

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