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  1. Set up your lock screen: There come lots of Android users who just abandon this whole business of locking their phone screens and put their data down in the open for anyone to hold up. However, it might sound but if you are not locking the screen, so what you are doing. Setting a PIN/password for locking your screen should hit the ultimate position in your main concern list after you are full with the first setup of your Android device. The slackness towards this necessary configuration can land you into deep distresses, if not handled in the very establishment. In addition, if you use a pattern for unlocking your device, ensure that you wipe your screen clean after every usage.
  2. Set up phone storage encryption: If you are really particular about your necessary and sensitive data, then this might go the best option for you to protect information, without having to be afraid of any sort of information leakage. You can install an encryption password to encrypt storage on your phone. This encryption is much stronger than standard lock screen password. This occurs because stored data first is decrypted and then falls in to a readable form. So, this way you can come with a two-step authentication to use your Android device as it will furthermorerequire a lock screen password.
  3. Do not let indefinite sources for installation: There are many third-party applications, which are fun to you but do not mean to Google Play Store. This is well to use them most of the times, but there might be instances when they get rid of all your sensitive information and negotiate security of your computer data.Thus, evade downloading any third-party application unless you are very unquestionable of their source.
  4. Set up an anti-malware app:This is always good to set up and frequently use an anti-malware app that can shun a sudden hit by a rash of malware. Thus, run a scan after setting up the app and roll protection in your Android device.Malwarebytes avails a defensive shield against impure applications, malware and unauthorized surveillance. This is capable torecognize security vulnerabilities on your Android device and recommends an immediate remediation.
  5. Turn off Bluetooth when not in use: You can probably be open to security breaks when Bluetooth services are running on your device. Furthermore, they consume battery of your device. So, this is better to switch them off when you do not really require them. So, before frightening of severe security breach is unchecked, follow these simple steps to form your Android device fare exponentially better.

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