How to use Windows Registry?


However the registry is used by Windows OS to run programs definitely, users may gain an access to the registry and make changes to it. You can even access and arrange the registry by following:

  • Firstly you need to open Registry Editor which has Windows operating system.
  • To open if you need to write “regedit” command in the command prompt so that you can gain an access to registry editor.
  • Then you need to open the editor from Run box in Start menu.

As the registry appears as the most important program which specially runs your system is the creators of malevolent software weakens the working of your system by following means:

  • Virus and other malevolent programs are intended to harm the values stored in the registry.
  • It even results into slow down system, corrupt software and deadly blue screen.
  • Almost every virus attack includes damage of registry.

Viruses are recognized for keenly searching for and exploiting certain registry values. Slox Software helps you to substitute the registry hives and/or individual registry keys that are corrupted because of virus infection. In case of severe virus damage, this tools appears into your Windows Restore for back up and if it is not accessible then it downloads and substitutes the corrupted registry keys and cleans the registry keys from the windows source.






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