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It would be a rash thing for you to believe that every email you have ever received has gone through your email safety filter before opening it. The danger to get a malicious email is high enough that EVEN if you got an email from a “trustworthy” corporation, you should always be aware of this kind of injurious virus that could simply come attached on a usual email thread.

Some of the malevolent emails might be obvious at first sight, and some of them are a little harder to identify. So, we are providing you with some basic safeguards you should practice before opening your email messages.

A frightened email attachment is usually received from an unidentified sender. As for the subject, you will usually search for a “Call to Action” button or some unusual offer that should inspire you open the attachment. DO NOT open attachments and DO NOT reply to the email. Remove it directly.

General Tips:

  • Set up software that will preserve your computer safe endlessly, in order to guard against malevolent add-ons
  • Never open an add-on that appears guarded to you, even if it is from someone you know
  • Do not trust links that are in emails you get
  • Do not reply to an untrusted email
  • Do not use phone numbers in emails
  • Reminisce to check it out before you click on it

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