How to know PC Virus Threats?


If you want to guard your computer, then you need to know virus threats before they infect your PC. Nowadays, we are going to show you how to spot and stop some of the most common sources of viruses on the internet.

  1. Email viruses: Emails appear one of the most common sources of PC virus infections. Most modern email services come with a junk email filter which reforms most possibly dangerous emails. On the other hand, these filters do not delete every single unsafe email, and even the most severe email security filter will let the infrequent malevolent email to go through.

         How do you guard your PC against threats like this? Well, continually                 reflect twice about your incoming email messages. If you accept an                    unpredicted email from someone you do not recognize, then your                      best bet is to disregard it, particularly if the subject sounds a little                      suspicious. Sometimes your friends or contacts’ computers can get                      infected, and the virus will automatically send out emails to all of                      their contacts. If subject of the email appears a little odd, then it is                    best to simply remove it.

  1. Phishing scams: One of the most unsafe trends in email viruses is to get an email that seems to be from your bank. That email will make you aware to a problem with your bank account, and in order to fix that problem, you need to login to your account directly. The email will carefully give a URL link for you to click on below this message. Whatever you execute, do not click on that link. In almost all cases, that link will take you to a phishing website that might appear your bank’s online portal, but it is not. If you enter your information into that website, you should accept that your identity has been taken, and you need to contact your (real) bank directly.

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