How to guard Wi-Fi Network from Hackers?

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  1. Make use of WPA: Numerous of the Wi-Fi connections gives WEP to guard your wireless network, but now a day it can be just broken by hackers by a simple hacking suite within no time. So to guard your wireless network to the fullest, you can use WPA. And you have to make sure that WPS is inactivated in the router’s settings. This is really the most basic point to guard your Wi-Fi network.
  2. Have A Secured Password: Always ensure that the password that you pick for your wireless network is long and random so that it can’t be cracked by any kind of hacker.
  3. Veil Network Name: At any time, you connect with a wireless network first and the foremost thing you need to perform is change its settings, as according to the default setting wireless network’s name is aired to make it easy to get and connect. But Service set identifier (SSID) can also be put to “Hidden” so that no one except you will be let to observe the name of your wireless network. So, it helps to protect Wi-Fi network.

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