Get Reg Tuner to improve PC Performance and Stability

Thankful of Slox Software to have availed a wide series of reliable PC and Windows software. Since the company came out to resolve PC issue impeccably, PC users ought to name it one-stop destination in India. With its comprehensive practice to have been helpful in keeping computer error-free ever, this ensures all its users content with services/products it stands for. Here, Reg Tuner is one more addition at Slox Software that appears to help in taking backup of software you uninstall.

In the simper words, this utility ascertains PC users use the backup of uninstalled software to configure setting of the software easily. Really, this kind of tool has meant to uplift stature of PC technology on the global platform. After Slox Software has stepped in the PC world to ease PC concerns, this has its tail-of-success longer enlisting to Disk Tuner, Shutdown Scheduler and now Reg Tuner.

Features of Reg Tuner

1. Clean drives: This comes to sweep your PC clean of useless files that clutter up your system, like cookies and temporary files. Also, this comes with an exclusion list, which allows you to protect files that you do not wish unintentionally deleted.

2. Manage applications: You may manually uninstall programs on your computer. On the other hand, this is an unusable feature because Windows already is packed with a program manager.

3. System restore: We have another feature already found within Windows. This lets you to reinstate your system back to a definite point in time. Yes, the Restore points can be made within the computer.

At last, it means all to say for Reg Tuner at Slox Software is truly a beneficial creation at the PC world that improves speed of your PC better.

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  • Hmm… an interesting click for those who mouth-open derivations into PC utilities such as Reg Tuner to me that assures to free Hard Disk Space in consideration to speed up PC performance.

    Yup! Nice art of word from Slox Software to this “Get Reg Tuner to improve PC Performance and Stability”. Please… rely on Slox Software as I have been around.

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