Get Reg Tuner to fix Registry Errors


Using Reg Tuner, this falls easy and safe to clean your PC registry. With its user-friendly interface, even novice users can use it easily. It comes with an advanced scan engine which finds and displays invalid entries present in the registry. With a small number of simple clicks, you can delete invalid entries and update your registry for better performance.

Also, its feature makes sure to the safety. In case you want to revert any changes, you can execute so easily by reinstating the backup created by Reg Tuner automatically at the time of repairing the errors. You can scan your PC for registry errors by just clicking on ‘Start Registry Scan’ button. It gives a list view of all the registry errors which are most often the cause of a slow computer.

The errors found are divided into four categories so that you could simply get to know the errors under each category. All categories are divided under sub-categories and you can increase each category to observe them. In addition, you can see each and every error in detail (such as name, location). Before fixing the errors, you could review them separately. So do a click on Fix Errors to start the removal of invalid registry entries, resulting in an error free, smooth and stable computer.


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