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Most of us having basic queries regarding Window Registry are

What do you understand by Window Registry?

How Window Registry is going to work?

When Window Registry needs to be managed?

And many other similar queries consecutively will be discussed in later Blogs.

reg tuner- registry cleaner

Window registry is defined as a collection of database of configuration settings in Microsoft Windows operating systems.

So-called, Window registry also act as a storage point for as much as information and setting for software programs, hardware devices,user preferences, operating systems as well.

Say for example: The storage point comes into existence whenever a new program is going to installed and at the same time new set of instructions and files references might be added to the registry at a specific location for that particular program and ready to interact with other programs. Window Registry is acting as a reference point for certain informations regarding storage location and also managed further customization in configuration settings.

Certain Exceptions: For all Window applications/programs, it’s not necessary to utilize default Window Registry settings but instead of that either they could be store their configurations in XML files or others are portable and also store their data in an executable files.

Access to manage Window Registry:

When you guys are holding Window Key + R then type regedit in Run box from start menu/command prompt i.e. Registry Editor program and readily make available to edit Window Registry files. This is completely free Window Registry editor.

How Reg Tuner ready to help you to fix Registry Errors?

Reg Tuner is one of the top registry cleaner software with optimum customized options. Once the respective software installed/uninstalled all were put their configuration files for safe and secure availability into Window Registry storage location where these configuration settings securely accessible for further customization. Certain changes could be possible in Window Registry configurations settings But unknowingly these changes also responsible to damage/missing any of configuration files. When you restart the Window then one of the pop message comes over the computer screen where you will find the loss of configuration files from Window Registry database.

These error messages come into existence then user need to be fixed registry errors and in order to avoid compromised  performance of computer.

Here, SloxSoft Family completely understand for what the user looking for and how can the user repair Window Registry errors. SloxSoft LLC having one of the top software experts team and they designed and developed a unique Registry cleaner Software i.e. Reg Tuner.

You can free download and install in order to fixed the Window Registry issues and benefits are

  • Repair Windows Registry Problems
  • Enhance Your PC Performance
  • Restore Setting of the Software
  • Schedule Timely and Automatic Registry Cleaning
  • Customized Registry Cleaning Options


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