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  1. Check Effect of Damage:After using your PC for some time, you would discern what type of infection you face whether it is malware, virus, Trojan, Keyloggeror anything else. In case, a keylogger application is set up, you can make use of a best anti-spyware program to remove infection. On the other hand, formatting the hard drive is known as a superior option if the infection is severe. You should attempt to back up all the confidential files that you may have in your PC before formatting.
  2. Damage Control: You should run antivirus programs to determine the extent of damage. Users of Windows OS may run “Malware bytes” that can be found freely and distinguishes various unsafe applications which antivirus cannot.
  3. Removal:After running several scans, you will distinguishon what is the extent of damage you face. After enlisting viruses and malware that have infected your computer, next thing you require to find is what impact of damage is. For that, you must check details about those viruses and malware programs to be acquainted with how they rank in terms of damages they can have in your PC. You must do the searches from a neutral device which is not hacked and seek removal tools for those malware programs which have infected your PC.
  4. Offline Hacking:Yes, Internet falls as the most common way to hack a computer, but it is possible that anybody can hack your computer using USB gadgets. The development to exclusion of the infection is the same in this case too. The best safeguard you can avoid such circumstances is to password-protect your PC OS and BIOS.

The best thing that you should protect your computer by fully-updated antivirus and a good firewall. It is also sagacious to have a protection tool for windows registry. To guard your files, you can use encryption tools so as to encrypt data on your hard disk. As there is no complete foolproof way to stop hacking it is always better to take protective actions.

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