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Certainly all users did not have willingness to manage the disk space on the manual basis whereas smart users find best way for how to manage the disk space without knowing which file is necessary in order to run computer on the top speed. Haphazardly most of the user deleted some of the registry files and other important files/folders in order to manage the disk space and some of the consequences are such as Window crash, dll files missing, and compromised performance.

How Disk Tuner will make you feel free to worry about disk space management?


Once Disk Tuner PC utility software done complete scanning and will show you complete list of files/folders instead of auto delete option, software wants once you must go through whole bunch of files and review them all. Accordingly you can remove the files/folders from checklist and read to make rest of files for cleanup process.

Following categories of files/folders included for cleanup


1.Downloaded Files

Such files includes Java applets along with other downloaded files from Web sites those are remaining in the downloaded folders in terms of  temporary program files. Certainly result into compromised PC speed.


2.Temporary Internet Files

Whenever we put a query in Google search engine box then accordingly shows the result and simultaneously internet browser stored cache of Web pages that would be stored in hard disk for  quicker view when we wants to search the same query in future.


3.Cleanup Recycle Bin

Comprehensively recycle bin separate partition of hard disk in order to store all deleted files and folders whether the files/folders deleted from any of hard disk space. Initially window XP having an individual recycle bin for each drive, later on replaced by single one.


4.Remote Desktop Temporary Files

Computers, those are mostly used for remote access of files/folders and continuous use of PC for remote desktop utility with same computer, certainly leaving temporary files that are responsible for future connections.   


5.Backup From Previous Operating System

Scheduled window updates; having upgrades of files from the previous version of software. Before going to install the available updated software the consecutively it has been asking to uninstall previous software, if at all not been uninstall then duplicate files would be in existence.


6.Offline Files/folders

Most of the Websites designer and developer having the offline hosting such as localhost and at the same time depending upon the available saved files/number of pages would likely to be consume gigabytes of hard drive space. similarly, It has been possibly the consequences of outdated files/folder that must need to be deleted on timely basis so PCs’ speed will be save from being compromised.

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