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Hmm… A global IP is an IP address set by your ISP and can be linked with from anywhere on the web. For instance I have CCTV that I can connect to if I discern the global IP of the network that the DVR machine is linked to.

A global IP address appears very random. Each time your router is re-set or re-connects it will be availed a new IP address from your ISP. Ultimately you have no control over the IP address unless you really pay for a static IP address.

A Local IP address is put by your router and can only be communicated with from within your network. For example, you can make use of remote desktop to connect to other computers.You can connect more than one computer to your network, especially if you come with a wireless network. There will still be one global IP address, but each device will be allocated a unique local IP address within the network.

The ISP avails the router a global IP when it is connected to the web. The router allocates all computers and devices a unique IP address so this is why their IP begins with 192.168.0.???

To amend your global IP address, you only require to re-start your router and the ISP will allocate another. You can also have a static IP as opposed to a dynamic IP to have an IP that never changes.To change your IP address of your computer, you can just set a static IP by yourself.

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