Best Practices For SEO Friendly URLs Structure

On-Page Optimizations Need To Be Follow

It is the first step before going to perform Off-Page activities, SEO experts must be scrutinized the each and every aspects of the On-Page optimization and one of them is technical SEO aspects like Structural URL and here we are going to discuss certain measures ….

seo urls structure

1. Single domain and subdomain 

Just like the user search preference from Google search engine likewise Google will show the results pages on the basis of the parent Url as well as subdomain so it’s better to increase your visibility in the prospective result pages.


2. User readability

Depending upon the user interaction as well as easy to access, both the criterias must be fulfill in order to become more memorable and referral to other users then far more better for the search engine.


3. Keywords in URLs

One of the best SEO practice also include to have keyword in the URL as it will enhance visibility either the different different channels likely on the social media, emails etc. supportive action in the  Of-Page optimization activities.


4. Canonicalize Issue

Such kind of issues came into pictures when you found two URLs with same content then it’s need to be fix on the immediately basis by using 301 redirect (it is the permanent redirect) otherwise the duplicate content would be lie under the Google Penalty algorithm. You need to find which page URl is better to rank in comparison to other page URL.


5. Eliminate dynamic URLs  parameters

For SEO friendly basis URLs must be static, readable and text because it readily accepted for the OnPage optimization and with this effect user remarkably memorized to refer, on the other prospects of dynamic URLs used for tracking clicks like on Social Media but sometimes long URLs look  awkward.


6.  Shorter URL better than Longer URL

Optimum length of URL structure is around 50-60 characters, in this reference your website lies under best SEO as well as user friendly structure as you know shorter URL easy to copy and paste, share on social media, tweet, like to share, pin , email, etc.


7. Similarity between Title and Url structure

It is the best strategy to allow search engine for prominent display of yours’ website result pages under the search query.As you know the keyword matching with human-centric goal is prominently target through SEO activities. For more Information visit Sloxsoft



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